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Pin up girl Danno's Black Heart Designs
Dan "DANNO" Drouin
"Art is my life blood"

Since childhood, I have been very passionate about art.

Nothing has changed and that passion still runs deep within me today.

After graduating art school in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada in my teens,

where I was first introduced to the art of sign painting, I went on to study

Graphic Design at Mohawk College in Brantford, Ontario.

Prior to graduating in the summer of 1988, I was introduced to Butch Robinson,

a locally renowned sign painter, water colour and pencil sketch artist who would mentor me for many years to come. It was upon meeting Butch that I found

my true calling in the world of art as a sign painter.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many "old timer" sign painters, a billboard advertising shop and various other sign shops throughout Ontario, Canada. Along the way it has been my goal to pick up as much experience and advice as I possibly could. I learned from an early age that listening to and watching what works successfully for others would be of great benefit to me.

So far it seems to be working.


I am always trying to better myself in whatever I do, whether it be refining my skills as a graphic designer, a sign painter and pinstriper or just trying to win a game of chess against a blind guy. (True happened once).

In my spare time, I enjoy canoeing either down the Grand River or up north in one of the luxurious lakes we have in Ontario or just heading to the cottage for a few days. Listening to 60's - 80's era rock and collecting vinyl records is also a huge passion of mine, and of course, anything Alice Cooper related. Remember the Coop!

I am a father as well to two beautiful children who have been nothing but the joy of my life and I look forward to seeing them make their mark in life.

I also volunteer for a number of local charities such as Big Hair for Little Kids, Autism Dog Services and Help A Child Smile  or just donating my services to other friends who are involved in their own personal charities.

Being able to use my talents in such a way that might benefit or simply put a smile on the face of someone not quite as fortunate as me is truly heartwarming.

Proficient in both hand painted methods as well as computer generated graphic design, I always strive for perfection in all that I do. Playing close attention to the details and always trying my best to do what is right for the customer.

I have a very profound understanding that if the customer is happy,

then I have performed my job well.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on any projects you have.

Pinstriping Brantford Ontario
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up"

Butch Robinson (1946 - 2013) owned and operated Robinson Art/Sign

for over 30 years in the Brantford, Ontario area.


He was a great friend, like an older brother and a great mentor.

If it wasn't for Butch I never would have evolved as a sign painter or become the person I am today.

We spent many years together, had a million laughs along the way and is truly missed.

Hiking Bruce Penninsula

This is Jett and I up at the cottage. She is a Husky cross. With what I don't know.

Something bipolar I assume. We get along....mostly. Like when I have pizza and beer readily available.

But I love her! How could you not. Just look at her.

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